A Summer release

MissOriented Metaphor aka MissOM4

The long-awaited 5th album will be released Summer 2024. Nicknamed “the concerto”, MissOM4 has six movements of various sections with contrasting tempi, the appearance of motivic repetition and variation, and solo cadenzas. But it is not a classical album.
MissOM4 features Shueh-li’s undeniable writing, performing and production style, and her penchant for sound design and odd time-signatures in Jazz Fusion, Rock, Prog, Electronic and other exotic pieces.

Guest appearances by the inimitable Dean Parks, bassist Brian Mooney of the Mahavishnu Project, and drummer Jake Siberon and bassist John Tuohy of prog-metal band Mile Marker Zero.

MissOM4 will be released one track at a time, each accompanied by a livestream via her youtube channel Oceanachine, where fans and friends came together to celebrate. Watch Oceanachine for dates and times (late June/early July). MissOM4 will be available for download from her Bandcamp Shop.

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