Electric Muse

Electric Muse

Show Design and Studio Production –  Singapore/USA

Electric Muse was founded in Singapore with Shueh-li Ong as Director and Business Development Manager, and Michael Spicer as Consultant.
Both had an interest in building and marketing music technology for music applications.
Demand for this business grew to include live performance, education, and show design and planning, along with their reputation for the ability to extend the musical norm in live performance.

Electric Muse is a member of COMPASS Singapore. Electric Muse U.S.A. is an artist and a publisher member of ASCAP.


From Australia to Singapore

Shueh-li and Michael first ventured into business together with Multimedia Creative Concepts in Australia, involving Film/TV Music, Music Synthesis and Technology, Computer Music Composition and Computer Animation.

During the IT boom in Singapore, they were invited by a multimedia company to apply their expertise. Shueh-li led the marketing department, whilst Michael designed specialised audio applications as Senior Software Programmer.

Though nascent, the internet and e-commerce was growing at a rapid pace. Deciding they could utilise their combined skills better in the music-edutainment sector, Shueh-li proposed the formation of a Special Projects Department to build a series of games. As Senior Manager, she concurrently headed the marketing department while also handling the business aspect of the new department. Shueh-li further provided curriculum direction, story-boarding, character (named after her favourite rocks, the Agates) and game planning, UX, 2D-3D animation and voice over direction, and music content.

Michael, who had already been toying with the idea of virtual music instruments, jumped on R&D as Project Leader. The result was algorithmic composition and expressive performance instruments, built into a series of Music Edutainment CD games playable on multimedia PCs, and complemented by a cyber playhouse for experimental research. The games garnered several awards. The first in the series is on permanent display at the Strong Museum of Play in NY.

When it came time for Shueh-li and Michael to depart from this multimedia company, it was with a vision that was to be Electric Muse.

“Delight” ~ single released 2017

From Singapore to USA and beyond:

In 2003 Shueh-li produced and funded Shueh-li’s Xenovibes. This was the culmination of her exploration into new sound design and performance/recording methods, and her work on the theremin and guqin. The album release and concert of the same name premiered in 2004 at the Old Parliament House in Singapore. Xenovibes was to be a progressive sound with live virtousic performance ideals, and to tie in popular music with a new tech edge. Led by Shueh-li, the show featured Michael Spicer, Jeff Long and John A Martinez who flew in from the U.S. to participate.

In 2005 Shueh-li moved to be based in the U.S. when awarded a visa given only to Artists of Extraordinary Ability. Xenovibes U.S. was then made possible through the alliance between Electric Muse and Fingerfoot Music Publishing. Fingerfoot Music Productions was formed late 2004 in the U.S. to pursue this alliance. Electric Muse ceased business ties with this alliance in 2010.

Shueh-li has produced 4 albums to date, and her theremin playing features on the 2020 Latin Grammy and 2021 American Grammy winning album by Fito Páez, an indie sci-fi film, contemporary classical and theatrical productions, and several prog-rock albums. Her work adventures are documented on her website Shuehli.com.
Michael is now Senior Lecturer, after retiring from his position as Chair of the Diploma in Music & Audio Technology course at the Singapore Polytechnic.

Electric Muse is a member of COMPASS Singapore (since 2000) and Electric Muse U.S.A. is an artist and a publisher member of ASCAP (since 2008).


  • International Computer Music Conference, Singapore – 2003
  • LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts Singapore – 2005
  • Singapore’s Premier Arts Magazine
  • The Necessary Stage, Singapore
  • ArtHouse@the Old Parliament
  • CitiBank Singapore (The Event Company) – Festival 2002
  • NSTB Tech Awards Gala Dinner, Singapore (Burson-Marstellar)
  • Ministry of Manpower Singapore – International Symposium Dinner 2001
  • National Arts Council – Music In May 2000
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • ABC Australia – children series
  • Channel 9 Australia – children series
  • Australian Government – documentary series
  • Mermaid Beach Productions, Australia
  • Center for International Studies, Australia
  • Victorian Government, Australia
  • International Book Publishers, Australia
  • “Redgum Music” Australia – International acclaimed Folk Rock Band
  • “Dirty Hanks” Australia – Country & Western Band album production
  • Theatreworks Singapore
  • University Cultural Centre, Singapore
  • CyberArts Studio, National University of Singapore
  • Boys Town of Singapore
  • Australian Alumni Singapore
  • Music Technology, Australia
  • Infoccomm Development Authority of Singapore – eFestival Asia 2000
  • National Arts Council of Singapore – Festival 2000
  • Singapore Festival of Arts 1999
  • Melbourne Fringe Festival 2000
  • NatSteel Electronics Ltd, Singapore (Burson-Marstellar) – IPO ceremony, web site and corporate CD production
  • Multiwave Innovation Pte Ltd/Inc – Product marketing, Retail CD line, website, Expo show development and performance
  • Eclectic Audio Consultants Pte Ltd – Corporate image creation, logo and web design, marketing consultation

EM’s custom-designs fit into any theatre situation (such as a BlackBox) where space constraints, timing variations or other factors might be of concern.
Shueh-li sculpt-designs for theatre with an acoustic acuity that is sensitive to what the “live experience” is all about.