I am grateful for the opportunity to have amalgamated my love for meeting people, my curiosity for the new, and my field expertise to write, review and report for these journals!

“This is a wonderful article. It’s clear that Shueh-li used her passion for music and her love for its history to offer a compassionate view into a jazz matron’s thoughts about the ‘now and then’. Wherever this writer/musician/consummate student’s journey takes her, we should be well informed to follow and listen.” [Comment taken from the interview with Beegie Adair for S.E. Asian newsblog SonicFreakz]

peter gunn, april 29, 2010

Singapore Arts Magazine

The Arts Magazine was an “Esplanade Theatres on the Bay” production. Shueh-li functioned as interviewer, reviewer, and writer.

SonicFreakz S.E. Asian newsblog

Shueh-li was the U.S. correspondent for the eZine that was helmed by the entertainment and technology correspondents with Singapore’s Business Times newspaper. Shueh-li functioned as interviewer, writer, photographer and post-pro editor.

Note: Articles are archived in JPG format, without hyperlinks. Accompanying Vlogs; if available, are linked below the articles. Older Vlogs were under 10mins as per YT guidelines then.

Livestream Series

“Music & Chat” was created, curated, researched, produced, and presented by Shueh-li herself. It was founded in May 2020 as a means for her to stay in touch with her audiences and industry network during the pandemic. It would also be a place to document items and people of interest. This is an ongoing series.

In Season 3 Ep 28: I ask if Peter Zinovieff favoured a particular design more than the rest from EMS?
In Season 2 Ep 10: I talk to Herb Deutsch and Jim Scott about the MOMA Jazz in the gardens concert. The concert featured the Moog “quartet” in ’69, which came to a screeching halt when a reveler accidentally pulled the plug.
In Season 2 Ep 15: Don Preston and Patrick Gleeson talk about the hijinks that ensued from having 5 synthesists on what could be considered the first all-electronic movie score, that was Francis Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”.
In Season 1 Ep 3: I ask Dean Parks (David Foster, Steely Dan), what the biggest change in the session business has been during the pandemic.
in Season 3 Ep16: Ryan Hartsell talks challenges in directing a VR film, whilst Race Krehel tackles using AR.
In Season 4 Ep 4: Jason Moore, Jose Ferrer and Jill Kirtland discuss their work using VR and XR in multiplayer-online theatrical games, mental health applications and the training of soft skills.

Livestream Reviews

Along with the depth of Shueh-li’s own knowledge and musical experience, her easy going style and way of engaging with guests make her Music & Chat sessions something I will keep an eye out for in future.

Steve turner (melb, australia), 2022

Your music is terrific, and I learn something new every time I tune in.

Mike Flavin (PA, USA), 2020

I enjoy your interviews. You ask a lot of intelligent questions. You have a keen sense of humor. It’s never mean spirited and I think that’s a great quality to have as interviewer.

John Tabacco (USA), 2021

This was SUCH an interesting, informative, and entertaining livestream!  A lot to digest here, too. This is why I love these shows – you learn A LOT. 

Gary Maiullo (USA) about S3E11, 2021

You have an amazing series of diverse guests sharing their fascinating experiences from parts of the music making world that most people don’t even know exist. Your show production quality is really good.

Ben Ang (Singapore), 2020

Your network is amazing. Your guests are so interesting. The insight to MJ was the highlight for me. I could have listened to that for another few hrs.

Sam Yu (NSW, Australia)