Career Accolades

Here’s a short list of recordings I’ve written, sound-designed, synthesised, performed, recorded and produced. Also on the list are recording sessions for other producers and artists. A couple of projects I played theremin on are worth mentioning. They are an indie sci-fi film, and the 2020 & 2021 Grammy-winning album by Fito Páez.



  • 2021 Jan 2 Together
  • 2020 Oct The Universe
  • 2017 May 17 Delight
  • 2017 Oct 27 Jeune et Animée
  • 2013 Jan 1 Thriller (cover)
  • 2012 May 28 My Summertime Dreams
  • 2012 March 22 Ice Rain
  • 2011 August 8 A Working Title
  • 2011 June 14 Leave Me In Stasis (Guest appearance by Tom Brislin on piano)
  • 2011 May 23 Deja vu-Love voodoo
  • 2010 Dec 9 I’m Leaving You A Message


  • 2012 Aug 4 A Working Title – special edition
  • 2009 *Xing Paths 
  • 2007 *Music From Another Land
  • 2003 *Shueh-li’s Xenovibes

    *Released under the Xenovibes moniker.

Other Recordings

  • 2020 Fito Páez – La Conquista Del Espacio CD (theremin on track La Canción de las Bestias)
  • 2017 3RDegree – Ones & Zeros: Volume 0 CD (theremin)
  • 2014 Indie film – Thong Girl vs Xolta from Outer Space (theremin)
  • 2014 Little Dipper – Last Broadcast CD (theremin)
  • 2012 Tom Brislin – Hurry Up And Smell The Roses CD (theremin, synthesizer, engineer)
  • 2007 Robert Casteels – Taman Suara 2. Pontianak (theremin)


Shueh-li really ‘plays’ the studio like a musical instrument itself. She is an inspired artist with a solid background who has brought fresh ideas in the theremin field.

V Saggini, ThereminVox Italy. on album Music From Another Land. 2007

La Conquista Del Espacio – Won both the 2020 Latin Grammy award (Best Pop/Rock), and the 2021 American Grammy (Best Latin Rock) award

Wiki entry, Discogs entry 2020, 2021

The world needs more Good Vibrations. Creative, artistic use of technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it is this well done.

Chris Stack, Moogmusic. on track from album Music From Another Land. 2007

Escape from Xing Paths the album, was chosen to feature in Jazzizs Winter 2009/10 compilation cd. Escape appears alongside music of these luminaries: Branford Marsalis Quartet, Chic Corea, John McLaughlin, Bill Bruford, Earl Klugh, Christian McBride.

Jazziz’s Critics’ Choices & Other Voices Winter 2009/2010

The album contains a mix of accessible and the complex that only an exceptional talent can pull off.

evolution of Media. ON ALBUM MUSIC FROM ANOTHER LAND. 2006

It’s abundantly clear that Ong has many talents, a gift for sound, and the potential for greatness.

Benjamin Ray, The Daily Vault Music Reviews. on album A Working Title – se. 2013

When I first heard Shueh-li’s version of the MJ song Thriller, I had to listen to it several times because the instrumentation was so diverse and striking, I could not get enough: the musicality of Shueh-li’s music and the production value is out of this world. Shueh-li is definitely now on my radar.

Jerry Doby, Executive Editor, Hype Magazine. 2013

Album Shueh-li’s Xenovibes: unique, driving electronica.

P Kirn, CreateDigitalMusic

New and engaging sounds are abundant throughout this wonderfully crafted album. 9.6 out of 10

Mark Elliott, UsaProgMusic on album Xing Paths. 2009

Local Theremin Virtuoso Blazes New Ground: If there’s one thing that Xing Paths demonstrates as a whole, it’s that Ong isn’t a one-trick pony. Rated ‘A’

Chris Lim, The Business Times Singapore. on album Xing Paths. 2009

The music shows very eclectic influences (reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Neo-Geo’ concept) and sounds really progressive. Their version of ‘Lover’s Tears’ has something that others I heard don’t have: a respect for the original tune. I love it. I can listen to it the whole day!

Boon aka Recordmymind. 2009

So immediately appealing; a sterling effort that sets a new benchmark for Xenovibes, and a showcase for making sophisticated music accessible to a mainstream audience.

musicgoondu. on album Xing Paths. 2009