Career Accolades

Productions I’ve worked on include two electronic operas of my own, and theatrical plays where I provided music direction/composition/tech-system build and live performance. I also played at a variety of venues that promote prog-rock, synthpop and electro-acoustic music. I got to work with regular bands, conventional string ensembles, and esoteric ensembles. Between 2012 and 2018, Steinway Piano Gallery Nashville played host to Shueh-li Presents in Nashville, an annual concert of new music.


Original Shows

Metal and Music — Electronic Opera by Ong

Singapore Arts Festival. Also appearing Michael Spicer of Redgum Australia.

Timega Theory – Electronic Opera by Ong

Melbourne Arts Festival, Australia. Also appearing Michael Spicer.

Timega Theory – Electronic Opera by Ong

National University of Singapore. Also appearing Michael Spicer.

Shueh-li’s Xenovibes

Guest appearance by drummer John Anthony Martinez and guitarist Jeff Long.

Shueh-li’s Xenovibes

Dallas, TX, U.S.
Guest appearance by bassist Mike McKinney (Jackson 5) and wind-player Shelley Carrol (Duke Ellington Orchestra).

Xenovibes Fall ’05 Tour

Dallas Museum of Art, Palace Theater and Eisemann Center, U.S.
Guest appearance by bassist Chuck Smith and guitarist Bill Ham (Bread).

Water Tower’s ‘Out of the Loop Festival’

Guest appearance by bassist George Anderson and Bill Ham.

Shueh-li’s Xenovibes

Dallas, TX, U.S.
Club Dada, Liquid Lounge, Amsterdam Bar. Guest appearance by Bernard Wright (Nard).


B B King, NYC, U.S.
Program & Pic Pic Pic Pic Also appearing: Herb Deutsch, Thomas Dolby, Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre, Neil Alexander, T Lavitz of Dizzie Dregs, Don Preston of Frank Zappa, Spiraling, Adam Holzman of Miles Davis.

State Fair of Texas

TX, U.S.. Pic Pic
Also appearing: Boys to Men, Billy Cyrus, Gary P Nunn, Miranda Lambert, Jonas Brothers.


Performances & Workshops
Pic Pic Pic Article Presented by Shueh-li Ong (Xenovibes), Dorit Crysler, Lydia Kavina, Carolina Eyck, Randy George, Kevin Kissinger & the Ether Orchestra.

Xenovibes Return to Singapore Tour

Old Parliament House, Australian Alumni Gala Night, Meyer Cultural Night
Guests of honour: Australian High Commissioner, Miles Kupta; President Nathan; MP Lim Biow Chuan & other celebrities.

Grapevine Opry’s 21st Anniversary Show

Program & Pic

Singapore Esplanade (Flipside)

Together with the Artsylum Quartet.

Steinway Piano Gallery (CD release concert)

TN, U.S.
Writeup & Banner.
Guest appearance by Beegie Adair, Elisabeth Small and Tom Brislin.

Preservation Pub

Knoxville, U.S.
Star Trek Costume party for ‘Into Darkness’.

Switched On: Birth of the Moog Synth exhibit

History Center, Ithaca, NY, U.S.
Collaborating w/Electric Golem: Trevor Pinch & James Spitznagel.

2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018
Shueh-li Presents in Nashville

Steinway Piano Gallery, TN, U.S.
Guest appearances: 2012 by Beegie Adair, Tom Brislin, Elizabeth Small. 2014 by Eric Struthers (Aaron Neville Quartet). 2016/17 by John Martinez (Xenovibes). 2018 by Tony Gerber.

Moog Birthday Bash

History Center, Ithaca NY, U.S.
Poster Also appearing: Malcolm Cecil (TONTO), David Borden, Herb Deutsch, Trevor Pinch.

WhiteHorse BlackMountain show

NC, U.S.
w/John Martinez (Xenovibes reunites), & Greg Waltzer (opening).


NC, U.S.

NJ Proghouse Progressive Music Series

NJ, U.S.
Pic Supported by bassist, Brian Mooney.

Moogfest Fringe

NC, U.S.

Other Appearances

TheatreWorks “On Mercury’s Wings

Music direction & composition by Shueh-li Ong. Interactive tech design & performance by Electric Muse (w/Michael Spicer).

The Necessary Stage “Spoilt

Music direction, composition & performance by Shueh-li Ong. Interactive tech design by Electric Muse (w/Michael Spicer).

International Computer Music Conference

As Electric Muse.


Shueh-li may well be Singapore’s 1st and only Diva of the Theremin: she is producer, performer, concert administrator and artist all rolled into one.

Ong sees herself as one of the myriad results of the experiments in the longterm history of new music.

Tan Shzr Ee, Arts Correspondent, The  Straits Times on the 2004 shueh-li’s xenovibes, singapore

One of the first events I’ve experienced in Singapore over the past 6 years that engaged a respect firstly for its cutting edge contemporary artistic exploration, and secondly a parallel high entertainment. Shueh-li is a truly amazing talent; informed, professional, warm, diverse, exciting, inspiring.

Art Monthly, Australia on the 2004 shueh-li’s xenovibes in singapore

Your performance on the theremin was spell-binding – other-worldly, but it made this world a better place.

Miles Kupa, Australian High Commissioner to Singapore on the Return to Singapore tour, 2008

Thank you again for such an amazing show last night! You bought a really wonderful energy.

Owner of Arcana Durham, U.S., 2018

Hearing Shueh-li for the 1st time was quite an experience. I had a preconceived notion of what her music might sound like based on her choice of instrumentation, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Melodic, thoughtful and heartfelt music coming from what I had considered up til now to be a novelty instrument (theremin). Wow! She is a master of her chosen instrument.

Bob Bailey, Executive Director, Sweetwater Academy, U.S. 2019

The DVD (concert premiere 2004) is very cool and has very high musicality. Looking forward to your new activities.

T Watanabe, Yamaha Corp Japan on the 2004 SHUEH-LI’S XENOVIBES, SINGAPORE

Moogfest07… Xenovibes, hailing from Singapore with all of their electric glamour. Put yourself in a discotec, but this time without the DJ spinning. The synth techniques were astounding and really was a great way to open the show to a techno groove.

J. Hughes, UsaProgmusic on the 2007 Moogfest, B B King, NYC, U.S.

I loved your show!

J Baker, Production Mgr, State Fair of Texas 2007/Glenn Smith Presents. 2007 State Fair of Texas, u.s.

Way to move the crowd at the end of EtherMusicFest!

David Hamilton, musician-engineer for Moog Foundation albums. 2008 ETHERMUSICFEST, ASHEVILLE NC, U.S.

Your performance was absolutely spectacular; a real tour de force!

Prof John Taplin, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Adelaide University ON the RETURN TO SINGAPORE TOUR, 2008

In 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017– “Shueh-li Presents in Nashville” hosted by the Steinway Piano Gallery, was voted Nashville SCENE Critics’ Pick.

Shueh-li gave a brilliant & eclectic set on theremin and synth. i really love her theremin playing.

Tom Beckett, 2019 moogfest fringe, U.S.

I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for your amazing performance. The programme was astounding… we had a record-breaking attendance of 4,380!

Dallas Museum of Art on the 2005 Shueh-li’s Xenovibes, Dallas, tx, U.S.

Shueh-li, it was our honor and pleasure to have both you and John (Xenovibes) at EtherMusic Fest 2008. You are a great role model for many aspiring thereminists and musicians.

Mike Adams, President of MoogMusic 2008 EtherMusicFest, Asheville NC, U.S.

I enjoyed your set at EtherMusicFest and look forward to more!

Russ Berger, consultant for design of recording studios and theatre spaces. 2008 EtherMusicFest, Asheville NC, U.S.

Resident theremin queen, Shueh-li Ong, has returned from a string of solo dates.

on the 2014 SHUEH-LI PRESENTS at Steinway Piano Gallery, U.S.
Voted Critics’ Pick by the NASHVILLE SCENE

Nashville’s favorite thereminist is back!

ON the 2016 SHUEH-LI PRESENTS at steinway piano gallery;
Voted Critics’ Pick by the Nashville SCENE

Shueh-li kicking some seriously textured, intelligent, emotional originals on theremin, synth, and wind instruments at Moogfest. By herself, she sounds like Yoko Kanno teamed up with Peter Gabriel to join the Buggles.

Stephen Fortner for Keyboard Magazine, 2019 Moogfest fringe, U.S.